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Affordable plus-energy housing.

Innovators of CLT and passive house technology.


Plussen is partnership organisation in leading the delivery of pre-selected building components for fast constructing of plus-energy, CO2 neutral houses. We deliver top comfort experience to the users of our buildings. Due to using high quality cross-laminated timber (CLT) in combination of modern insulation materials, the internal environment is healthful. Big savings can be made when leaving the internal walls and ceilings naturally visible or covering directly with special wallpapers or paint. For more prestigious solutions, the interior panelling can be produced with oak layer or other hardwoods. The Plussen's building envelope is CO2-neutral. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions are designed and balanced according to the specific client's needs. The solution reaches annually to plus-energy balance, combining low energy consumption (brought to minimum with the help of modern technology) with on-site energy production and energy-storage. Our on-grid solution balances the produced sustainable energy with the consumption on the site. We deliver locally produced pre-selected and calibrated building components to the site with supervision for very fast erection of the building. In this way we save the valuable time of clients. The solutions are developed and tested in cold climate zone and optimisation is made for milder climates.

Modern CLT based flatpack element houses meet Passivhaus standards. Innovation in energy efficiency and user comfort. Innovative house construction and used technology leeds to very low maintanance of houses. Highest quality machine produced CLT elements can be shipped everywhere and erected in record time. Healthy CLT homes are carbon neutral and allergic-free.




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